Fluid Dynamics Reviews Seminar Series

The Fluid Dynamics Reviews (FDR) Seminar Series covers topics in the thermal, fluids and combustion sciences across all scientific and engineering disciplines.

The FDR Seminar Series is sponsored by the Burger's Program and is closely related to the Aerospace Engineering Seminar Series. The latter frequently includes seminars directly relevant to the thermal, fluids and combustion sciences; those will be cross-listed here for convenience.

For more information about the FDR seminars, contact Johan Larsson.


Date Title/Location Speaker

Fall 2017


September 28
3:00 pm


Investigations of Turbulence: A Journey from Nanometer to Kilometer

3164 Martin Hall, Aerospace Seminar Room

Host: Anya Jones

Dr. Marcus Hultmark
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Princeton University


October 26
3:00 pm

Towards Industrial Large Eddy Simulations with the FR/CPR Method

2164 Martin Hall, DeWALT Seminar Room

Host: Johan Larsson

Dr. Z.J Wang
Spahr Professor
Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Kansas


November 15
1:00 pm



Fourteenth Annual Symposium of the Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics

Kim Building Kay Boardrooms (1107 & 1111)




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