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New Book: Risk-Based Engineering Now Available

New Book: Risk-Based Engineering Now Available

Professor Pecht and Dr. Prabhakar Varde have published a new book, Risk-Based Engineering: An Integrated Approach to Complex Systems – Special Reference to Nuclear Plants.

This book covers many aspects of risk modeling and analysis with a systems approach to reliability concerns in engineering. Key concepts of risk analysis are discussed, including mathematical assessment tools to account for risk in engineering problems and incorporating risk-based structures in design and operations with an emphasis on the behavioral risks and human factors.

The text uses nuclear plants, for their complex environments, as an example for the development discussed contents—these environments’ core mechanical, electronic and physical aspects are excellent platforms for analyzing and creating risk-based models. The book also provides real-time case studies for demonstrating the use of this approach. Since there are myriad limitations for applications of risk-based approaches to engineering problems, this book is structured to address these important gap areas to help optimize methodology.

This book serves as a textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses on risk and reliability in engineering and can also be used for professional development courses aimed at practicing engineers or for introductory risk-based engineering courses for interested professionals and students.

Dr. Varde is an expert in application of reliability and probabilistic risk assessment for nuclear plants, and he has served as a visiting professor at CALCE where he worked on prognostics and health management for life extension of electronic systems. Dr. Varde has recently succesfully completed the development of a reactor simulator and has been promoted to the Associate Director of the Research Reactor Services Division and Senior Professor at Homi Bhabha National Institute.

Risk-Based Engineering is nowavailable available.

July 30, 2018

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