Mechanical Engineering

The DeWALT Conference Suite

DeWalt Conference Suite

On May 4, 2009 at 3 pm, the ME department unveiled its new conference facility at the Grand Opening of the DeWALT Conference Suite.  Sponsored by DeWALT, which was acquired by Black & Decker (B&D) Corporation in 1960, the renovations took several months to complete. The new rooms boast increased square footage and technological updates, in addition to new interior and exterior design.

In the spring of 2007, the ME department began the project with a proposal to Black & Decker; a company with which ME has maintained a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship. Throughout the years, B&D has employed over 300 graduates from the university, many of whom are ME alumni.  Additionally, faculty members and the R&D staff within Black & Decker have partnered on many research endeavors.

The goal of the renovation was to take the two existing conference rooms from a 1970’s motif to a modern and technologically updated suite of conference facilities with a budget of $140,000.  This was achieved by enlarging the first room from 500 square feet to 600 square feet and updating the interior with new flooring, lighting, furniture and a suspended ceiling. The room was christened the DeWALT Seminar Room and seats up to 35. The smaller of the two rooms, the DeWALT Conference Room, was also enlarged and received new carpet, paint, furniture, and an interactive whiteboard.  The conference room seats up to 10 around the table with space for 4-8 extra seats around the room.  Both the DeWALT Seminar Room and the DeWALT Conference Room have updated audio and projection equipment.

The grand opening of the conference room was attended by John Schiech, President of DeWALT Industrial Products Company, Natalie Shields, Vice President and Corporate Secretary, B&D Corporation, Greg Moores, VP of Engineering, DeWALT Construction Tools, several DeWALT employees, as well as a mixture of faculty and staff. Department chair, Dr. Avram Bar-Cohen made a short introductory speech, which thanked all sponsors of the renovation. A ribbon cutting ceremony followed and closing remarks were given by John Schiech and Clark School Dean Dr. Darryll Pines. Light refreshments were served after the event as everyone celebrated the completion of the project.


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