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Chabalko, Christopher C.

Chabalko, Christopher C.

Research Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Computational Dynamics Lab
Mechanical Engineering
2181 Martin Hall


  • B.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, April 1999
  • M.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, August 2001
  • Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, April 2007


  • Art-in-Science Award, 1st place Video AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Section, 2009
  • Best Presentation, CFD applications, AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Section, 2009
  • Art-in-Science Award, 1st place Image AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Section, 2008
  • Postdoctoral Associateship, National Research Council, 2007
  • Daniel Frederick Scholarship ESM Dept, Spring 2006
  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship Award ESM 3015 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Fall 2005
  • Teaching Evaluation of 3.6 or higher Spring 2005, Fall 2005
  • NASA Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars Program (LARSS), Summer 2004
  • Spot News Photograph, 2nd Place Virginia Press Association, 1998
  • Eagle Scout Award, Del-Mar-Va council, Troop 63, 1993


  • Co-Director, Computational Dynamics Laboratory (M0102), on going
    The computational dynamics laboratory typically hosts one visiting professor, one research instructor, several post-doctoral students, and several graduate students. Each of these members performs computational based research in various fields. In this capacity, I manage the computational dynamics laboratory and stay abreast of advancements in high performance and scientific computing technologies. Upon my recommendation, the laboratory recently acquired three CUDA capable machines for research related to general purpose computing on graphics processors (GPGPU). Under my stewardship, the lab’s web presence is expanding to showcase our research efforts.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, ENME 472 Design Day Judge
    As a former instructor of ENME 472, I have participated as a faculty judge for design day. This is an opportunity to view a wide variety of design projects and reinforce the concepts taught throughout ENME 472. The interaction also assists students in their presentation and interview skills.
  • Maryland Day booth organizer, on going
    As the director of the computational dynamics laboratory, I have organized a booth at Maryland Day (2013-present) to showcase wave mechanics. Titled “Tabletop explorations: Wave explorations,” one experiment showcases a non-newtonian fluid and another experiment showcases a small wave tank on a shaker table. Wave motion is enhanced by a surface tension reducing agent.
  • Most recent volunteer service:
    • Jr.FLL Expo, Marriotts Ridge, February 2014
    • Imagine Andrews 6th Grade Science Fair, February 2014
    • Discover Engineering Family Day ASME Booth, National Building Museum February, 2013
    • National Science Foundation panel reviewer

My research interests include modeling rogue waves, energy focusing, time/frequency analysis and higher order spectral analysis, computational dynamics, GPU computing, data science, and modeling aeroelastic systems.  I primarily utilize Python, CUDA, Matlab, and Scala for computational efforts.  

  • C. Chabalko, A. Moitra, and B. Balachandran. Rogue waves: New forms enabled by GPU computing. Physics Letters A, 2014 (submitted)
  • C. Chabalko and B. Balachandran. GPGPU implementation and benchmarking of 2D vortex interactions. AIAA Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, 2013 (accepted)
  • Chabalko, C. and Balachandran, B. GPU based Simulations of Physical Systems Characterized by Mobile Discrete Interactions. In Iványi, P. and Topping, B. V. (Ed.), Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for Engineering, 2013.
  • E. Perkins, C. Chabalko, and B. Balachandran. Noise-influenced transient energy localization in an oscillator array. Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA) Journal, 2012
  • C. C. Chabalko, M. R. Hajj, and W. A. Silva. Interrogative testing for nonlinear identification of aeroelastic systems. AIAA Journal, 46(11):2657–2658, November 2008.
  • C. C. Chabalko, Z. Ge, M. R. Hajj, and W. A. Silva. Analysis tools for the detection of intermittent nonlinear aeroelastic phenomena. Journal of Aircraft, 43(4):1082–1088, July 2006.
  • C. C. Chabalko, D. A. Jordan, M. R. Hajj, and H. W. Tieleman. Characteristic time scales of velocity and pressure events. volume 20, pages 1057–1071. Journal of Fluids and Structures, Elsevier, May 2005.
  • C. Chabalko and B. Balachandran. Lift enhancement in formation flying in ground effect over a wavy surface. AIAA 2014-1112, National Harbor MD, January 13-17, 2014, 52st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting.
  • C. Chabalko, T. Fitzgerald, M. Valdez, and B. Balachandran. Flapping Aerodynamics in Ground Effect. AIAA 2012-0420, Nashville, TN January 2012. 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting.