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Combustion Research at UMCP

Combustion research is centered in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UMCP. The main objective of ongoing research in our laboratory is to develop a better understanding of the fundamental combustion processes through comprehensive experimental and mathematical modeling studies. The goal is to develop efficient combustion and reduce pollutants emission from a range of propulsion and power systems. The combustion lab is equipped with several modern non-intrusive (laser based) and other diagnostic facilities, and computational tools. Fundamental and technology development studies are underway for a range of combustion system that use fossil, alternative, high energy density fuels and wastes. Some of the on-going programs include gas turbine combustion, swirl combustion, air pollution, internal combustion engines, highly preheated air combustion, droplet/spray combustion and thermal destruction of solid and liquid wastes. The laboratory's director is Professor A. K. Gupta.

Underwater combustion tests


Schlieren movie of LN2 discharge into a co- flowing GN2 jet
Correlation of global flame size and PIV data
Micro combustor development using re-generation
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