The Combustion Laboratory

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Research Areas

        Turbine-Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) Engines 

        Mixing of Cryogenic Fluids in Rocket Injectors

        Underwater Propulsion

        Ultra High Temperature Gasification


        Gas Turbine Combustion

        Controlled Thermal Destruction of Solid And Liquid Wastes

        Internal Combustion (IC) Engine

        Droplet/Spray Combustion

        Modeling of Combustion Systems

        High Temperature Air Combustion

        Analysis of Gaseous Fuel-Air Mixing and Flame Stability

        Colorless Distributed Combustion

        Combustion of High Energy Density Fuels

        Swirl Combustion

        Advanced combustion diagnostics in a swirl stabilized co-annular diffusion flame


Last Edited: Mar 1, 2011