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Turbine-Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) Engines
Investigator: Vivek Gautam


The main focus of our work is to provide comprehensive experimental database that can be used to design robust, efficient, smaller and low emission combustors for Rocket and Turbine-Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) engines. The database can also be used for validation of various CFD models developed to predict performance of such engines. In parallel to the experimental studies we are also developing modeling tools to study the flow and thermal characteristics of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon flames at various inlet and operational conditions. The experimental facility and modeling efforts will allow us to examine the flow characteristics, species distribution inside the combustor, thermal field uniformity and heat transfer to combustor walls. The results obtained from the models will be used to design scaling laws for critical flame parameters, such as, flame length, blow-off limit, combustion efficiency and pattern factor over a range of flight conditions.


Image of OH radicals for 45o/50o
co-swirl, fuel-lean (φ =0.625) case

3-D distribution of OH radicals obtained
after Abel Inversion

Temperature distribution using 
IR camera
for 45o/50o co-swirl, 
fuel-lean (φ =0.625) case

Vibrational Temperature  distribution for 
45o/50o co-swirl, fuel-lean (φ =0.625) case



Last Edited: May 13, 2006