ENME 489I - Computational Fluid Mechanics

3 Credits



None required. MATLAB diaries and codes placed on ELMS.


ENME 331


This course considers finite difference and grid-free vortex methods  for simulating fluid flow. The basics of numerical techniques including considerations of stability, consistency and convergence will be presented. MATLAB will be used as the basis for developing codes that implement the algorithms that are derived and discussed in class. Applications include an elliptically loaded wing, one and two-dimensional heat conduction and the flow into and out  of a room. To a large extent the course will be self-contained by including a review of the fluid equations and those aspects of MATLAB that are essential for applying the numerical algorithms and  analyzing the computed  flow fields they produce.


Students will gain some familiarity and understanding of computational fluid dynamics. They will acquire the ability to successfully develop computer codes for simulating fluid flow.


  • Gridfree vortex methods
  • Matlab programming
  • Simulation of an elliptically loaded wing
  • Finite difference equations    
  • Explicit schemes    
  • Implicit schemes
  • Applications to channel flow and two-dimensional heat conduction/convection  
  • Thomas algorithm
  • Fast-direct schemes for the Poisson equation
  • Two-dimensional fluid flow via vorticity/streamfunction
  • Simulation of flow into and out of a room
  • Basic theory of CFD
  • Monte-Carlo models of diffusion applied to the room flow

Class/Laboratory Schedule 

  • Two 75 minute lectures per week

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