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Robotics Realization Laboratory Open House: Manipulators
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
3:00 p.m.
0307 Engineering Annex Bldg
For More Information:
Ivan Pensky

Robotics Realization Lab (RRL) Open House Series:


The Robotics Realization Lab (RRL) supports faculty and students in the Maryland Robotics Center by providing the most advanced human-safe robots for manufacturing and medical applications as well as mechanical and electrical rapid prototyping equipment to support the development of robot hardware that is not commercially available. Robots include 2 Kuka iiwa 7-axis arms, a Rethink Robotics Baxter, a Rethink Robotics Sawyer, Robotiq and RightHand ReFlex grippers, a Segway RMP-440LE, multiple Crazyflie quadrotors, and multiple TurtleBots. Sensors in the lab include an 8-camera Optitrack Prime 17w motion capture system, a Velodyne Puck LIDAR system, and various cameras and image sensors. Fabrication equipment includes an Objet30 Pro, uPrint SE Plus, Roland MDX-540SA 4-axis mill, Universal VLS3.50 Laser Cutter, Westbond 7476E wirebonder, Zephyrtronics solder station, erlab Green filtered fume hood, MDO4054 mixed domain scope and various electronics prototyping equipment. 

RRL will be holding a series of open houses featuring different lab capabilities with demos. The second open house in this series is scheduled on March 28th from 3-4pm and will focus on manipulators. Please join us. All students and faculty are welcome to attend.

This Event is For: Clark School • Graduate • Undergraduate • Faculty

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