Design Day, Fall 2014

The Department of Mechanical Engineering held the Fall Design Day December 9, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Kim Engineering Building. This semester, Design Day showcased 29 student teams, all featuring original product prototype designs. A wide range of exhibits including everything from an adjustable-height sink for wheelchair users or children to a stabilizer unit for individuals needing extra support to perfect their motorcycle riding skills.

Teams of senior level students present project prototypes built to solve selected engineering problems, with the top voted team receiving the “People’s Choice Award” and having their names displayed in the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate office.

Visitors cast a total of 159 votes for the “People’s Choice Award,” and the top three student teams were:

The winners from the Fall 2014 Design Day "People’s Choice" are:

Team Mist, Electromagnetic Advanced Arresting Gear (EMAAG)
Team Members: Tyler Brechbiel, Troy Calvert, Kevin Caney, Mursleen Mumtaz and Stewart Smith
Team Mist developed a system that harnesses and stores the energy produced by an aircraft landing on any flight deck with arresting gear.

AQUA R3, Aqua Smart Reserve
Team Members:
Jessica Cornelius, Elizabeth Daly, Makaya Gittens, Nadia Panossian and William Weston-Dawkes
The AQUA R3 team developed a system that eliminates water wasted when waiting for showers to reach the desired temperature by incorporating a reservoir redirection system.

MANGO SALSA, Laptop Tracker
Team Members: Daniel Bae, Nick Du, Kevin Griffiths, Everett Hettema, Ashish Singh and Brandt Schwer
Their project was to develop a text-message triggered GPS tracking device that attaches to a laptop in order to assist with theft recovery.

The Department would also like to thank our tireless guest judges who through their assistance in evaluating each of the student projects, truly made this Design Day a success:

Bianca Brandveen
Eric Compton
Brian Foltz
Professor Emeritus Collin Marks
Zeb Shereef
Russ Stein

For a more photos from the day’s events, please visit our department photo album!