Design Day, Spring 2014

Mechanical engineering seniors showed off the projects they spent the semester building for their capstone design course on Design Day at the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building on May 6. This event has has been a tradition at the University of Maryland for many years and became a public event approximately seven years ago to showcase student innovation and creativity.  A wide range of projects are featured, such as a muscle therapy massager, a nature-friendly fan, and an automatic guitar tuner. A total of 27 projects were presented by seniors enrolled in the capstone design course.

This year, Design Day was sponsored by Bell Helicopter , a leading helicopter manufacturer headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and frequent recruiter of UMD engineering students.

The winners from the Spring 2013 Design Day "People’s Choice" are:

  • First Place - Testudo Trainers – The Spot Buddy
  • Second Place - BabySavers – Child Car Seat Safety Alert System
  • Third Place - RASFire – RAS Pellets
  • Fourth Place - Screwdriver Modernizers – Double-Shaft Screwdriver
  • Fifth Place (Tie) - Tidy Fingers – Scoop 'n' Spread
  • Fifth Place (Tie) - Fans R Cool—The Eco Fan

First Place Winner -Testudo Trainers: The Spot Buddy

Corey Bloom, Will DeMore, Luke Hendrix, Kick Krochta, Yale Sosin, Vincenzo Vernaccio

Team H.E.A.T. Team H.E.A.T.
Testudo Trainers The Spot Buddy [pdf]

Second Place Winner - BabySavers: Child Car Seat Safety Alert System

Kevin Holmes, Trevor Niefrenforf, Kayla Park-Brouse, Tyler Schirf, Justin Turner

Team Polyform Solutions Team Polyform Solutions
BabySavers Child Car Seat Safety Alert System[pdf]

Third Place Winner - RASFire: RAS Pellets

Ian Bacon, Evan Cain, Alejandro Moreno, Iman Niknejad, Austin Sichling, Michael Xue

Team Water Buffalo Team Water Buffalo
RASFire RAS Pellets [pdf]

Fourth Place Winner - Screwdriver Modernizers: Double-Shaft Screwdriver

Xiang Zhang, Syed Samiul Elahi, Han Chen, Kendrick Daly, Cesar Atahua, Taiwo Agbebkun

Team Handyman Team Handyman
Screwdriver Modernizers Double-Shaft Screwdriver[pdf]

Fifth Place (Tie) - Tidy Fingers: Scoop 'n' Spread

Richard Henry, Danielle Khoo, Maximilian Kinsey, Alan Parvis, Akash Patel

Terp Atomics Terp Atomics
Tidy Fingers Scoop 'n' Spread[pdf]

Fifth Place (Tie) - Fans R Cool - The Eco Fan

Thomas Delmont, Olivia Desser, Michael Garrison, Amanda Heyes, Ellen Kauffman, Joseph Steele

Team Your Turn Team Your Turn
Fans R Cool The Eco Fan [pdf]

Team Awesome: FLEX Roller

Yit Akyuz, Mark Clementi, Chris Hawker, Miriam Tarshish

Team Gutter Cleaning Designs Team Gutter Cleaning Designs
Team Awesome FLEX Roller[pdf]

Walking Terps: Safe Walker

Michael Cobb, Momo Egah, Tete Tino Etey-Benissan, Lewis Muna, Reza Semati, Christopher Singh

Team OptimGuys Team OptimGuys
Walking Terps Safe Walker [pdf]

Step-By-Step Innovations: Guide Ladder

Dale Payne, Jacob Vaugn, Ian Olver, Eric King, Nick Minnick

Team Rear Safety Team Rear Safety
Step-By-Step Innovations Guide Ladder [pdf]

Step-Up: The X-tra Step

Michael Gee, Alex Morgan, Jeff Cheng, Mingu Kang, Steven Ghiorse, Dengyun Chen

Team Sensational SolUtions Team Sensational SolUtions
Step-Up The X-tra Step[pdf]

Stair Prophets: Stair Climber

Lena Johnson, Grace Murphy, Mimiko Liba, Shumei Yanagi, Josue Cruz, Maayan Rindler

Team Thirsty Turtle Team Thirsty Turtle
Stair Prophets Stair Climber [pdf]

Pedal Power: Trike Mower

Zack Dragicevich, Max Frantz, Steve Krenek, Taryn Lowery, Alexander Moses, Andrew Paul

Team Elevate Team Elevate
Pedal Power Trike Mower [pdf]

Drinker's Club: Sky High Soda

Dipan Thaker, Nick Ousborne, Vir Mirchandani, Joel Ertter, Adam Becker, Nouze Takougang

Team Flour Power Team Flour Power
Drinker's Club Sky High Soda[pdf]

The Blind Side: Thermo-Regulating Blinds

Ryan Clark, Jumma Islam, Benjamin Levi, Nna-ayua Okafor, Eliot Rudnick-Cohen

Team Blackout Team Blackout
The Blind Side Thermo-Regulating Blinds[pdf]

Whiteboarderaser: AutoEraser

Brett Bauer, Michael Clevinger, Benjamin Lynch, Donald Mugisha, Andrew Siemann, Lina Valivullah

Team Door to Door Team Door to Door
White Board Eraser AutoEraser[pdf]

Dr. Jent: #TrashMatters

John Bankert, Nael Babaa, Ridwan Chodhury, Eric Kim, Dhruvin Patel

Team Toasty Toes Team Toasty Toes
Dr. Jent #TrashMatters[pdf]

Tuneacity: True-Tune

Andrew Cornio, Giacomo Fornasini, Andrew Tiedeman, Sharad Varadarajan, Robert Wong

Tuneacity True-Tune[pdf]

Safe and Sound: The Safety Box

Derek Devito, Eric Greenwell, Thomas Jansen, Alex Prokipik, Scott Seger, Mitchell Zink

Team Terrapin Ingenuity Team Terrapin Ingenuity
Safe and Sound The Safety Box [pdf]

Team Bandit: TRAV-BAR

Austin Cao, Samuel Myers, Tony Perez, Chet Price, Alexander Ryan

Team E-720 Team E-720
Team Bandit TRAV-BAR[pdf]

Dirty Mike & The Boys: EZ-Pull Trash Can

Ryan Grantham, Matthew Long, Lester SMith, Amad Syed, Kaartik Mathur

Team Team Shoplifters Team Team Shoplifters
Dirty Mike & The Boys EZ-Pull Trash Can[pdf]

Castle Bravo: Small Nuclear Reactors

Sarvesh Sethi, Amarjit Singh, Michael Sheehy, Mikhail Slutskiy, Joseph Fustero

Team Heat TerpVengers Team Heat TerpVengers
Castle Bravo Small Nuclear Reactors [pdf]

Solar Bio-Dry: Algae Dryer for Biofuels

Jonathan Aguilera-Titus, Judith Beaudoin, Bran Cunningham, Kevin Li, Eric Kazyak

Team WaVeOptics Team WaVeOptics
Solar Bio-Dry Algae Dryer for Biofuels [pdf]

Office Space: Carry-On Workstation

Thomas Wyderko, Kristin Dixon, Thomas Corra, Saeid Farshi, Sean Smith

Team PEZ Team PEZ
Office Space Carry-On Workstation [pdf]

Team No More Sprain Pain: Sprained Joint Massager

Ryan Etkins, Chen Chu, Jack Saams, Danh Nguyen

Team Bolt Neutering Team Bolt Neutering
Team No More Sprain Pain Sprained Joint Massager [pdf]

Recycle: Brake Initated Kinetic Energy Recovery Wheel

Nathan Bour, Geoffrey Metsch, Lionel Nouketcha, Nicolas Poirette, Mark Ragland, Michael Reilly

Team VentElation Team VentElation
Recycle Brake Initiated Kinetic Energy Recovery Wheel[pdf]

Stroller Stoppers: Safety First Baby Cruiser

Earl Beverly, Quinn Borkey, Jaimie Hsu, Elshaday Tegegne, Sam Tupp

Team Eleven Team Eleven
Stroller Stoppers Safety First Baby Cruiser [pdf]