2007 Faculty Recognition Reception


Wednesday, May 14, 2007
5:00 pm

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
Chaney Library & Claggett Executive Patio
University of Maryland

For more information, please contact:
Felicia Stephenson, Phone: 301-405-5297 | Email: felicia@umd.edu


6:00    Cocktails & Music

6:30    Welcome – Professor Bar-Cohen, Chair

6:35    Remarks – Dr. C.D. (Dan) Mote, Jr., President

6:45    Faculty Awards

7:00    Retirement of Professor Magrab – Professor Anand
             Remarks from Colleagues & Former Students
                  (T.S. Chang, S. Shaikh, R. Hershey, C. Burroughs, T. Dissinger, I. Minis & M. Govil)

7:10    Performance – Erasable Inc.
             Improvisational (IMPROV) Theater Group, University of Maryland

7:30    Professional Society Awards & Appointments

           University & Department Appointments and Promotions

           Publication Awards

           Additional Accolades

♪♪  Music provided by Glen Shirley and Katherine Mann  ♪♪

2007 Award Recipients


  • Shapour Azarm, Current Chair of the Design Engineering Division, ASME
  • Ashwani Gupta, Director of Propulsion and Energy, AIAA
  • Bongtae Han, Associate Editor of the Year, ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging
  • Reinhard Radermacher, ASHRAE Fellow


  • Appointment of Associate Professor Jaydev Desai
  • Appointment of Assistant Professor Santiago Solares
  • Appointment of Assistant Professor Teng Li
  • Promotion of Assistant Professor Ilias Balaras to Associate Professor
  • Sami Ainane, Incoming Director of Student Affairs
  • David Bigio, Incoming Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Linda Schmidt, Outgoing DReAM Division Leader
  • Mohammad Modarres, Incoming DReAM Division Leader
  • Jaydev Desai, Incoming ASME Student Section Advisor
  • Jeffrey Herrmann, Outgoing ASME Student Section Advisor
  • Jeffrey Herrmann, Incoming Quest Associate Director


  • Peter Sandborn, "Obsolescence Driven Design Refresh Planning for Sustainment-Dominated Systems," Eugene L. Grant Award, Best Paper Published during 2006 in the Engineering Economist
  • Ashwani Gupta, "Examination of Methane-Hydrogen Mixture Flame Using Isotope Shift/PLIF Spectroscopy," AIAA, IECEC Conference, San Diego, August 2006
  • Satyandra (S.K.) Gupta, "A Computational Framework for Point Cloud Construction Using Digital Projection Patterns," ASME’s Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, Philadelphia, September 2006 
  • Greg Jackson, "Hetero-/Homogeneous Combustion and Stability Maps in Methane-Fueled Catalytic Microreactors," 31st International Symposium on Combustion, Heidelberg, July 2006
  • Teng Li, "Compliant Thin Film Patterns of Stiff Materials as Platforms for Flexible Electronics," Gordon Research Conference on Thin Film & Small Scale Behavior, Waterville, ME, August 2006 (Best Poster)
  • Mohammad Modarres & Ali Mosleh, "Modified Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table (PIRT) for Uncertainty Analysis," Nuclear Engineering (NED) of the ASME, (ICONE) 14 Conference, Miami, July 2006


  • Jim Duncan, selected for Keystone, A. James Clark School of Engineering Academy of Distinguished Professors
  • David Holloway, Outstanding Commitment Award, A. James Clark School of Engineering
  • Gregory Jackson (with B. Eichhorn & S. Zhou), Invention of the Year-Physical Science, Office of Technology Commercialization, University of Maryland
  • Jeong Kim, 2007 Maryland Business Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Marvin Roush, Outstanding Commitment Award, A. James Clark School of Engineering
  • Katepalli Sreenivasan, elected to the National Academy of Sciences
  • Chandra Thamire, selected for Keystone Instructor, A. James Clark School of Engineering

Congratulations on Your Retirement

Dr. Edward Magrab

Dr. Edward Magrab
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Magrab joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1987 as a joint appointment with MTEC (then the Engineering Research Center), where he served as the Director of the Manufacturing Program. In this dual role Ed spearheaded the department's substantial involvement in the then nascent MIPS program, and was the principal author of a $2.3M grant from the ARPNNSF Technology Reinvestment Program for “Preparing Engineers for Manufacturing in the 21st Century.” Ed was also instrumental in creating and leading the ClMAD (Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Design) graduate program and was an early contributor to the QUEST collaboration with the Smith School. In addition, Professor Magrab developed ENME271 and ENME472, two of the enduring undergraduate courses in the department's curriculum. During the past 19 years, Ed's research and scholarly contributions have been in the fields of structural vibration and computer integrated design manufacturing.

~ The department thanks you for your many years of dedicated service. ~