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The following questions are among those most commonly asked by prospective donors to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Q:  Do I have different options in making a gift to the Department of Mechanical Engineering?
A:  You may choose the type of asset (cash or non-cash) to contribute, the giving method (direct or planned), and the initiative you would like to support (a fund, program, scholarship, department, and so on). For more information.

Q:  May I pledge a gift and spread it out over a period of time?
A:  You may pledge a gift of $5,000 or more and pay for it over a maximum five-year term.

Q:  May I make a gift to recognize or memorialize someone?
A:  Yes, you may make your gift in recognition of a special loved one, friend, or colleague, or to memorialize someone who is deceased.

Q:  Is my gift tax deductible?
A:  All gifts to the Department of Engineering are tax deductible.

Q:  How can I make a gift that will last forever as a tribute to someone?
A:  You may endow your gift so that it lives in perpetuity. The gift's principal will be invested soundly and a percentage of the income generated will be designated as you wish.

Q:  How can I give online?
A:  Gifts to our annual fund, the Maryland Fund for Excellence may be made online quickly and securely. For other types of gifts such as establishing a scholarship or professorship and estate gifts, please send e-mail to or call one of our development staff.

Q:  May I make a gift through my estate or will?
A:  There are numerous ways to use your estate as a means to take care of loved ones after you're gone, while realizing your philanthropic goals. For more personalized information or a confidential discussion, please send e-mail to or call one of our development staff.

Q:  Are there other tax breaks or income-producing opportunities for me through my gift?
A:  There are various ways of structuring your gift whereby you will be provided with a stream of income in addition to a tax break.  For more information or to arrange a confidential discussion, please send e-mail to or call one of our development staff.