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Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations Graduates!

55 students received their Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering:

(d with Departmental Honors, u University Honors Citation, c College Park Scholars, g Gemstone Honors, * Senior Marshall):

Zachary William Adams

Michael Joseph Allison, Jr.

Eduardo Maximo Aviles

Robert Michael Baden (cum Laude) d u

2nd degree: Japanese

Nicholas Alan Barbour d

Patrick Lawrence Casey

Jose Luis Cervoni

Melanie Irene Chang c

Benjamin Seth Cohen

*Micah A. Coleman u

David John Cunningham

Jason Lemuel Decker

Wesley Allen Demory d c

Matthew Lee DePola (cum Laude) d

David Diehl

Jarett Anthony Dunston

Mark Russell Edelen (Magnacum Laude) d u

Keith Fava c

Ian Scott Fisher

Gregory Thomas Fowler d u

David Charles Gilbert

Arthur Cheng-Hao Hsu

Kevin Clark Huber

Andrew Tyler Hunt d u

Ristelle Marcia James

Bruce Ashley King

Devin James Koval

William David Kreig

Matthew Eric Larson d u

John Ryle Lawson III

Raymond John Lechner

Andrew Patrick Limbaugh

Rebecca Mae Lynch d u

Christopher Martin (Magna cum Laude) d

Michael J. McAnulty

Adam Earl McCoy

Kevin Patrick McDermott

Nassim Moghadam

Layla Monajemi

Chunhsi Andy Mu u g

2nd degree: Computer Science

Marcus Patrick Musser

Trung Tan Nguyen

James Michael Phipps d

Matthew John Plumer

Khurram Rauf

Nicole Michelle Renniger

Richard Perry Roberson Jr.

Lawrence John Salzano II (cum Laude) d u g

Tara Dawn Selenow

Olivia Shera Sun d u

Travis M. Tempel d u

Andrew M. Uza

David L. Wenzel d

Thomas Butler Wise

Michael Christopher Wolejsza

33 students received their Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering:

Mohammed A. Al-Ajmi

Michael Alan Beamesderfer

Daniel Vare Becker

Harish Bhaskaran

Derya Calhan

Luke Joseph Currano g

Kristin Lucia Marie Dahlgren

Fatih Demiray

Robert Andrew Dickens

Dennis Michael Doyle Jr.

Sean Michael Gahagan

Bahman Habibzadeh

David Lee Herman

Sara Theresa Hewitt

Raghuram Iyengar

Radwan Ali Kalo

Jeffrey Forrest Kramer

Rohit Kumar

Sudhir Kumar

Bernard Andrew Lynch

Kumar Anil Maddulapalli

Brent Michael Mager

Jason Michael Marcinkoski

Kevin Adrian Moores

Jeremy Chimin Ou

Rajashekar S. Pappu

Gabriel Lewis Smith

Rajesh Pavan Sunkari

Zhongshou Tang

Ivan Chi Vei Tong

Kartik Vaithyanathan

Liyu Yang

Dong Won Yoo

13 students received their Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (graduates and their doctoral dissertation title are listed):

Mustafa Arafa: Vibration and Noise Control with Active Piezoelectric Damping Composites

Christopher S. Baldwin: Control of Sound in a Three-Dimensional Enclosure Using a Distributed Bragg Grating Sensor Array

Caleb Belai: Cutting States Identification

Prateek J. Dujari: Analysis of Random Vibration on Repetitive Shock and Electrodynamic Shakers for Accelerated Fatigue of Electronic Instruments

Jun Huang: Accessibility-Driven Saptial Partitioning: A Step Towards Automated Design of Multi-Piece Molds

Haobo Jiang: Development of a Genaralized Simulation and Optimization Tool for Heat Exchanger Design

Sameer A. Joshi: A Comparison Study of 3 Degree-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulators

Chunhui Pan: Development of Two-Phase PIV and Its Application to Sedimentation Within a Particle-Laden Turbulent Channel Flow

Hai Shi: Strategies for Generating Feasible Conceptual Designs: Comparing HTN Planning with Grammar-Based Design

Matthew Wagenhofer: Modeling the Fracture Toughness Tranistion Region of Ferritic Steels

Kimberly R. Wrenn: Capillary-Pumped Loop Evaporator Performance Investigation

Zhe Yuan: The Enhancement of Condensation by Surfactant Additives

Weijie Zhao: Modeling and Analysis of the Gear Rattle in Automotive Transmission

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers their heartiest congratulations to all.

May 23, 2002

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