Hands-on projects are an essential part of undergraduate coursework in mechanical engineering. In lieu of textbooks in five foundational classes, students receive take-home lab kits to complete assignments. These kits enable individual students to fully understand all aspects of a project, in contrast to the team lab experience in which students frequently become experts in one function. These kits complement both in-person and virtual learning.

Up to 500 kits are purchased per semester, each costing approximately $120 per kit. All 1,200 mechanical engineering students will take at least one of these courses throughout the program, and many will take all five. Contributions help to offset this significant financial burden and support students' hands-on learning.

  • ENME 331: Fluid Mechanics
  • ENME 332: Transfer Processes
  • ENME 350: Electronics and Instrumentation I
  • ENME 351: Electronics and Instrumentation II
  • ENME 441: Mechatronics and the Internet of Things
  • Heat Flux Sensor with Integrated Thermocouple
  • Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
  • Data Acquisition Device
  • Aluminum Fin
  • Thin-Film Resistance Heater
  • Testing Materials and Related Software