Why Mechanical Engineering?

“Unsure about whether or not I wanted to study engineering, I attended several open houses and overnights on campus. The students I met were extremely welcoming and passionate about their engineering departments, spreading their excitement to me. I chose the University of Maryland because of the sense of community that I felt radiating from within the engineering school.  The mechanical engineering department is no exception. The department plans multiple events to bring mechanical students and faculty together as a community, and I truly feel connected to the people in my department. Additionally, on the academic side, I have the opportunity to tailor the focus of my major to my specific interests, which for me is design. I feel like being a MechE has more than prepared me for the next steps in my educational path, pursuing a masters degree in design. I highly recommend mechanical engineering at Maryland to any interested student.”
- Haroula Tzamaras, Class of 2018

“Growing up around the University of Maryland made it feel like a home for me even before I began my undergraduate career there. I was aware of its standing as a research institution, so choosing to attend was an easy decision for me. However, picking a major proved to be a more difficult choice because I had several interests, but limited understanding on which path was best for me. I choose to do mechanical engineering after a year of meeting with advisers, speaking with other students, and conducting my own investigations online. That choice was a significant turning point in my college career. The department was, and has been, a source of key opportunities including research, scholarships, networking and mentoring, to name a few. If I could go through the undergraduate application process again, I would confidently choose to study mechanical engineering at University of Maryland.”
- Nehemiah Emaikwu, Class of 2017

"Since elementary school, I was inspired by my grandfather who was also a mechanical engineer. I am interested to learn the mechanical process in daily life, structures of vehicles, as well as the fabrication process in a factory. The curriculum designed by the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Maryland thoroughly covers the fundamentals of engineering. It has a clear course map and well-structured programs which helps students to pursue their undergraduate degree, regardless if they transferred. Besides that, I believe the engineering department has produced a lot more internationally recognized publications and better research facilities to further innovate fearless ideas."
- Ars-Vita Alamsyah, Class of 2017

"I decided on mechanical engineering early in my high school career.  I loved the ways that math and science could be applied in a hands on environment.  As I began looking at different colleges, I was initially drawn to the national competitiveness of UMD’s mechanical engineering program.  Additionally, I was blown away by the University’s devotion to student educational programs such as Formula SAE and Engineers without Borders.  These programs have been a once in a lifetime experience and they have expanded my education far beyond what a classroom could teach.  It was the combination of academic excellence and commitment to student extracurricular programs that made The University of Maryland’s mechanical engineering program the obvious choice for me.”
- Austin Kendall, Class of 2017

"As the daughter of two parents from a developing country, I have become all too familiar with the problems that 90% of the world must face on a daily basis. I chose mechanical engineering after realizing that I had a great passion for the environment and its preservation. Few schools have a completely separate and accredited environmental engineering program, because of this I decided to pursue mechanical engineering. My degree can also function as a great background for my road to graduate school, where I plan to pursue a PhD at one of the top schools in the nation for my field of interest. The Department gave me the opportunity to jumpstart my graduate school plans by putting me in research labs and providing me with hands-on experience."
- Abisola Kusimo, Class of 2015