Integrated computational and experimental approaches to
evaluating and managing risk and reliability in complex systems

Affiliated Faculty

Shapour Azarm Shapour Azarm
Robust and reliability based design; risk based decision making; design decision making under uncertainty; risk based path planning optimization of UAVs.
Aris Christou Aris Christou
Model development to predict reliability at the device; Component and system level via Basuan; Monte Carlo and particle filtering techniques; Failure mechanisms of corrosion; Fatigue; Vibrations in off shore wind devices and photovoltaics; Reliability and availability of wind turbine electrical and electronic components
Michel Cukier Michel Cukier
Associate Professor of Reliability Engineering
Associate Director for Education, Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2)
Director, Advanced Cybersecurity Experiences for Students (ACES)
Katrina Groth Katrina Groth
Assistant Professor
Director, SyRRA Lab
Quantitative risk assessment (QRA/PRA); decision making under uncertainty; Bayesian Networks and Bayesian methods; decision support systems; human reliability analysis; system-level prognostics; data analytics; artificial intelligence; integrated probabilistic and deterministic models; causal models; data fusion; sparse data; deep uncertainty; hydrogen and natural gas infrastructure; nuclear power plants;
Bongtae Han Bongtae Han
Keystone: The Clark School Academy of Distinguished Professors Leader, Electronics and Product Systems Division
Risk propagation analysis; Development of life prediction models; accelerated testing
Jeffrey Herrmann Jeffrey Herrmann
Associate Professor
Associate Director, QUEST Honors Fellows Program; Leader, Design and Reliability of Systems Division
Risk management decision making; Risk-based UAV path planning; Emergency preparedness planning and response; Bioterrorism countermeasures
Mohammad Modarres Mohammad Modarres
Nicole Y. Kim Eminent Professor
Director, Center for Risk and Reliability
Michael Pecht Michael Pecht
George E. Dieter Professor
Faculty Member, Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation
Director, Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering
Monifa Vaughn-Cooke Monifa Vaughn-Cooke
Assistant Professor
Human reliability analysis; Computational and experimental human performance assessment; Design for reliability