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The Center for Environmental Energy Engineering is home to several labs supporting their research in environmentally responsible, economically feasible integrated energy conversion systems for buildings and transportation.

  • Energy Laboratory
    Faculty : R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang
    Location: 0139B Engineering Lab, Building #089
    Phone: 301-405-6654
  • Heat Pump Laboratory
    Faculty : R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang
    Location:1100 Potomac, Building #092
    Phone: 301-405-5003
  • Small and Smart Thermal Systems Lab
    Faculty : M. Ohadi
    Location: 1105/1110 Potomac, Building #092
    Phone: 301-405-5006
  • Software Development Laboratory
    Faculty: R. Radermacher, V. Aute
    Location: 3151 Engineering Lab, Building #089
    Phone: 301-405-5341