Hybrid Systems Integration and Simulation Lab

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The Hybrid-System Integration and Simulation Laboratory (HSIS Laboratory) is a cluster of several experimental and computational infrastructures for several interrelated research thrusts in human-system integration for advancing the design, operation, performance monitoring, and performance assessment of complex hybrid systems.

Hybrid systems are defined as systems with interacting hardware, software, and human operators (also known as x-ware).

The lab is at the core of a strategic initiative to leverage University of Maryland leadership in predictive modeling and simulation of complex hybrid systems and extend its presence to new domains of application such as distributed heterogeneous command and control (as in Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles – UAV), and smart resource management.

Location: 1210 Kim Engineering, Building #225
Phone: 301-405-3087

Monifa Vaughn-Cooke

Assistant Research Professor
301-405-9857 | mvc@umd.edu