For Employers

Employers that partner with the A. James Clark School of Engineering through the internship program offer invaluable career-related work experience that enhances students’ academic training, professional growth and personal development. Large and small companies can participate in the internship program and help cultivate the next generation of engineers serving the Southern Maryland region. In partnership with the Clark School’s Engineering Co-op and Career Services Office, companies can also participate in campus interviews, career fairs and job postings.

Through student internships, employers can:

  • Reduce the cost of recruitment by previewing potential future hires and identifying candidates for full-time job opportunities when they graduate.
  • Pre-train future employees and supplement your work force.
  • Instill new energy into your organization through the enthusiasm of student employees.
  • Provide management development opportunities for current employees by giving them supervisory roles with students.
  • Build a network of campus ambassadors as students return to their studies after work and spread the good word about your organization.

Partnering with the Clark School of Engineering will:

  • Strengthen your connection with one of the nation’s top public research universities.
  • Give high-achieving students a “trial run” at your firm through internship and research opportunities, broaden your recruiting base, and identify students with the greatest potential to become successful employees at your organization.
  • Give your company access to students trained specifically to meet the technical needs of your industry.
  • Support the development of a high-technology workforce and enhance the economic viability of the region.


Employers interested in providing internships for students should contact:
Deborah Vidmar
Engineering Co-op and Career Services Office

Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring a student or supporting a component of the academic program should contact:
Natalie Grandison
Director of External Relations, Department of Mechanical Engineering