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For more information about the Undergraduate Program in Mechanical Engineering, contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

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Our undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering begins with a solid background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and basic engineering science courses. This strong foundation during your first two years prepares you for the advanced classes and research projects you will undertake in your final two years. With a graduation requirement of 120 to 125 credits, most of our students graduate within four years. Motivated students can get involved with special projects as early as their junior year, working on group projects to develop one of the most important aspects of mechanical engineering: teamwork.

A Focus on Projects

Over the past decade, the program has established a winning record in intercollegiate competitions. Regional, national, and international competitions in Mini-Baja vehicles, human-powered submarines, solar energy, and others have resulted in numerous prizes and honors for our students and faculty. These successes have drawn the interest of a wide variety of industries, all impressed with our students’ abilities to get the job done.


Program Objectives

  1. Graduates will provide value in their chosen career path, whether for mastery of the disciplines central to mechanical engineering or for the broader analytical skills, critical thinking, innovation and/or creative abilities provided by their engineering education.
  2. Graduates will utilize skills in teamwork, leadership, and communication gained in their program of study, and act in a professional and ethical manner in the area in which they apply their degree.
  3. Graduates will show a commitment to on-going professional development, whether through graduate study, research programs, training courses, or leadership opportunities thereby adapting to an evolving, competitive global work environment.

We are an ABET accredited program!

In Fall 2015/Spring 2016, the Department of Mechanical Engineering awarded 341 Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering.  For students who entered our department as freshmen in the fall of 2011, 67% graduated in four years with a degree from College Park and 89.4% graduated in five years with a degree from College Park. For students who entered our department in fall 2011, 56% graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in four years and 69% graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in five years.

Undergraduate enrollment in mechanical engineering in Fall 2016 was 1145 distributed over all four years of study.

Student outcomes mechanical engineering.

ABETThe Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degree program at the University of Maryland is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.