ME Design Day, Spring 2011

Team CultivatorsThe Department of Mechanical Engineering once again hosted a successful ME Design Day on May 3, 2011, in the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building on the University of Maryland campus. The purpose of the event was to present the senior capstone course, ENME472: Integrated Product and Process Development, prototypes to the campus community. The afternoon event featured an exhibition of the 19 teams’ capstone projects, which showcased the exceptional research and innovation of the Clark School's mechanical engineering students.

Team SharpstoneDuring the event, a panel of faculty and student judges reviewed the projects and scored each on several criteria, which was later averaged to determine the overall project grade for the class. Additionally, the public was also asked to participate and the People's Choice Award went to Team A&B for their "EZ Pet Entryway".

Also attending the event was the Terps Racing Baja SAE & Formula 1 Teams.

People's Choice Winners:

  • 1st Place Winner - Team A&B, "EZ Pet Entryway"
  • 2nd Place Winner - Team Upstart, "Refreshable Braille Reader"
  • 3rd Place Winner - Team Illuminators, "Bright Idea"

Congratulations to the winners and to all the ENME 472 participants!

1st Place Winner - Team A&B: EZ Pet Entryway

Aman Abdissa, Bowofoluwa Akinlabi-Oladin, Jacob Mackey, James Kromer, Kidus Asamenew and Raghav Gupta.

Team A&B  Team A&B: EZ Pet Entryway
                   Team A & B                                   EZ Pet Entryway [pdf]

2nd Place Winner - Team Upstart: Refreshable Braille Reader

Emmanuel Klein, Isaac Misri and Jonathan Howart.

Team Upstart  Team Upstart:  Refreshable Braille Reader
                    Team Upstart                      Refreshable Braille Reader [pdf]

3rd Place Winner - Team Illuminators: Bright Idea

Allan Stevens, Brayton Bushby, Jordan Kestel, Joseph Capriotti, Justin Di Palo and Michael Shaffer.

Team Illuminators  Team Illuminators:  Bright Idea
               Team Illuminators                               Bright Idea [pdf]

Team GSS: The Smokie-Dokie (Gas Grill Smoke Control Unit)

Anthony Arnold, Mary Lazarek, Anne Lederer, David O'Brien, Nicole Oliveira and William Uhr.

Team GSS   Team GSS:  The Smokie-Dokie (Gas Grill Smoke Control Unit)
                     Team GSS                                 The Smokie-Dokie [pdf]

Team Injection Infection Rejection: SteriLatch Syringe

Anthony Bonomo, Kathryn Dharmaraj, Katherine Henry, Jessica Lieberman and Mary Tellers.

Team Injection Infection Rejection  Team Injection Infection Rejection: SteriLatch Syringe
 Team Injection Infection Rejection              SteriLatch Syringe [pdf]

Team NexTech: Portable Accident Screen

Erick Alves de Sa, Sarah Manheim, Michael Neuberger, Nathan Schoenkin, Zev Schramm and Rameen Taeb.

Team NexTech  Team NexTech: Portable Accident Screen
                  Team NexTech                       Portable Accident Screen [pdf]

Team Sharpstone: AquaGarden

Faria Ahmad, Michelle Christopher, Alondra Hernandez, Benjamin Krehbiel, Rami Slaman amd Walter Jett.

Team Sharpstone:  AquaGarden   Team Sharpstone: AquaGarden
               Team Sharpstone                              AquaGarden [pdf]

Team WeCycle: The Benny (Bicycle-Powered Mobile Device Charger)

Jasmine Keene, Russell Lyons, Daniel O'Neil, Michael Pertmer and Amy Zhou.

Team WeCycle  Team WeCycle: The Benny
                   Team WeCycle                                The Benny [pdf]

Team Racks R' Us: Bike Rack 2.0

Alexey Galkin, Brandon Wetzel, Jaemi Herzberger, Jason Saeedi and Timothy Leslie.

Team Racks R' Us  Team Racks R' Us: Bike Rack 2.0
               Team Racks R' Us                              Bike Rack 2.0 [pdf]

Team TAG: Vector Scooter

David Matten, Jeffrey Sturman, Stephanie Martin, Thomas Bailey and Timothy Gill.

Team TAG  Team TAG: Vector Scotter
                     Team TAG                                   Vector Scotter [pdf]

Team PropIt: Tablet Master

Adam Jones-Bradburn, Gregory Comer, James Simpson, Jason Baldwin and Laura Hereford.

Team PropIt  Team PropIt: Tablet Master
                   Team PropIt                                 Tablet Master [pdf]

Team Reel Ideas: CVT4Reel (Fishing Reel With Variable Retrieve Ratio)

Jordan Butler, Nathan Iager, Mitchelle MacAlinao, William Seeber and Bao Vuong.

Team Reel Ideas  Team Reel Ideas: CTV4Reel
                Team Reel Ideas                                  CTV4Reel [pdf]

Team Cultivators: AutoRock TP2.0 (Automatic Ground Tiller)

Daniel Hegarty, Dara Scher, David Son, Jonathan Acosta, Michael Valentine and Rodrigo Antezana.

Team Cultivators  Team Cultivators: AutoRock TP2.0
              Team Cultivators                              AutoRock TP2.0 [pdf]

Team Guitar Heroes: Integrated Acoustic Guitar Capo

Aaron Chamberlain, Joseph Pietzak, Nathan Reichenbach, Richard Urbanski and Thomas Shekarch.

Team Guitar Heroes  Team Guitar Heroes: Integrated Acoustic Guitar Capo
              Team Guitar Heroes             Integrated Acoustic Guitar Capo [pdf]

Team Doughnamite: The Doughnamite! (Countertop Doughnut Machine)

Andrew Trettel, Benjamin Trettel, Brandon Gary, Elvin Peprah, Hosein Nasrin and Katrina Emery.

Team Doughnamite  Team Doughnamite: The Doughnamite!
               Team Doughnamite                     The Doughnamite [pdf]

Team MechE United: Laptop Bed Buddy

Abigail Remo, Andrew Park, Bethany Springer, George Jin, Michael Dwyer and Nicholas Lane.

Team MechE United  Team MechE United: Laptop Bed Buddy
              Team MechE United                        Laptop Bed Buddy [pdf]

Team Biomass: AutoDrum Composter

Abhijit Dohale, Adam Rhoads, Dennis Nasuta, Grant Dambach and Michael Carter.

Team Biomass  Team Biomass: AutoDrum Composter
                 Team Biomass                          AutoDrum Composter [pdf]

Team eZTraveler: eZLuggage

Aaron Pearl, Eric Buckmann, Joshua Akman, Mohammad Mohammadi, Scott Donnelly and Seyed Kamarehei.

Team eZTraveler  Team eZTraveler: eZLuggage
              Team eZTraveler                                  eZLuggage [pdf]

Team Radioactive Terps: SMRs – Not Fukushima (Small/Medium-Sized Nuclear Reactor Study)

Dusita Khimsuksri, Mahfuz Rahman, Michael Lukas, Sarah Bingham, Sarkis Aktavoukian and Thomas Hayden.

Team Radioactive Terps  Team Radioactive Terps:  SMRs – Not Fukushima
          Team Radioactive Terps                 SMRs - Not Fukushima [pdf]

For more information about ENME472/ENME489M and the Design Day Projects, please contact:

Prof. Santiago Solares
Department of Mechanical Engineering
A. James Clark School of Engineering
University of Maryland
3133 Glenn Martin Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301-405-5053
Email: ssloares@umd.edu