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Why NanoManufacturing and Metrology?

The transformation of Nanothinking-to-Nanoreality in the marketplace involves the implementation of manufacturing methods at these length scales. It is not simply sufficient to make one nanotransistor in the lab with superior properties, but billions on the factory floor. The translation from the laboratory to the factory floor, via development of robust NanoManufacturing methods is an integral part of CNMM.

A vital part of any Nanomanufacturing process is the Metrology that must exist for process and quality control. NIST is this nation's measurement laboratory and its charge is to support U.S. industry. Furthermore it is committed to applying its expertise to problems at the NanoScale.

This center capitalizes on the complementary nature of the interests and expertise between NIST and UMD. All projects in the center involve collaborative efforts between NIST scientists and UMD faculty and students.