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CNMM Projects & Research

Automated Planning and On-Line Monitoring for Semi-Autonomous Nano-Assembly Gupta, S. K. LeBrun, Tom Manufacturing Eng. Lab.
Nanoimprint Lithography for the Manufacture of Organic Electronics Devices assembly Oehrlein, Gottlieb Lin, Eric and Soles, Christopher Polymers Div.
Manufacturing Technology for Nanopore Sensor Arrays with Nano/Micro Interfacing DeVoe, Don Gaitan, Michael Semiconductor Electronics Div.
Accurate Three-dimensional Metrology of Focused Ion and Electron Beams Melngailis, John Vladar, Andras Nanometer-scale Metrology Group
Chitoson-Mediated NanoManufacturing and Metrology of Addressable Nanoparticle Arrays

English, Doug Hwang, JeeSeong Optical Technology Div.
Directed Self Assembly of Block-Copolymer Nanostructures for Nanomanufacturing Briber, Robert Karim, Alamgir Multiphase Material Group, Polymers Div.
Manufacturability of Donor-Acceptor Bulk Heterojunctions for Photovoltaic Technologies Reutt-Robey, Janice Lin, Eric and Soles, Christopher Surface & Microanalysis Science Div.
Nanotube-vesicle bioreactor networks self-assembled and self-powered through directed actin polymerization
Losert, Wolfgang Helmerson, Kristian Physics Lab
Template Assisted Manufacturing of Nanorods and Nanotubes Lee, Sang Bok Green, Martin L. Ceramics Div., Materials Science and Eng. Lab.
Economical Nanomanufacturing of Metal Nanowires on HOPG for Nanosensor Applications Sita, Lawrence Zangmeister, Christopher and van Zee, Roger Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
Porous Silicon Nanophotonics for Biological Sensing Murphy, Thomas E Reipa, Vytas and Wang, Lili Biotechnology Div.
Development of NanoParticle Based Manufacturing & Characterization Methods Zachariah, Michael Cavicchi, R.; Maslar, J.; Msnzello, S.; and Fletcher, R. Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory, BFRL