Undergraduate and graduate students in degree programs housed in the department are serviced by academic program staff in the Undergraduate Office and Graduate Office, respectively, who help facilitate timely academic progress and successful resolution of student concerns or questions. Academic program staff are an important resource for students who seek guidance on any number of circumstances that could benefit from an informed perspective on policies, procedures, and deadlines.

Useful information is posted on bulletin boards outside of Rooms 2168-2186 Martin Hall, posted to the Undergraduate Office and Graduate Office websites, or disseminated over listservs for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively. All students are encouraged to monitor their electronic mailboxes for email messages from the listserv, and also to check the relevant website for information regarding their program, deadlines, and registration processes, as well as events, clubs, and activities.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students majoring in Mechanical Engineering are advised by members of the Undergraduate Office. Every student must see their departmental advisor before registering for classes each semester, for example in order to obtain departmental approval required for all ENES and ENME courses.

Specifically, prior to the pre-registration period each semester, information regarding registration is made available outside the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advising Office (Room 2186) and is sent via the listserv for undergraduates majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During the pre-registration period, students must schedule an appointment to see an advisor. At the appointment, the student's record is reviewed, the registration block is removed, advice is given on the selection of courses, and permission is given for ENES and ENME courses for the upcoming semester. The student is then ready to register using the Registration Drop/Add tool on Testudo at the university appointed time and date set according to an automated process and posted in the UM portal. It is the student's responsibility to schedule an advising appointment before his/her assigned registration date.

Every student is required to have a coursework plan on file with the Undergraduate Office. A copy of this will be provided at each advising meeting together with an individualized pre-requisite flow chart that ensures compliance with departmental course requirements. It is strongly suggested that each student maintain their own copies of these forms. Course maps and typical four year plans are available on the Undergraduate Office website.

Graduate students

All graduate students pursuing an M.S. or Ph.D. degree are admitted with an advisor who is a Full or Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty affiliated with the student's degree program. The advisor guides the student in their coursework and research. For Research Assistants, the advisor is typically the faculty member providing the student's financial support. Students should consult with their advisor prior to registering for any courses.

Specifically, the program of coursework of an M.S. or Ph.D. student must be described in a formal Plan of Study that is approved by the student's advisor and by the Director of Graduate Studies prior to the second semester of study. Courses that are not on an approved Plan of Study may not count toward the degree. Any changes to the approved Plan of Study must be approved by the student's advisor and by the Director of Graduate Studies prior to their implementation.

For graduate students in the M.Eng. degree programs, academic advising is provided by the MAGE Academic Affairs Team.