Nuclear power currently accounts for approximately 20% of electricity generation in the United States. With 104 operating reactors, the U.S. has more installed nuclear capacity than any nation in the world. Since operation of nuclear plants results in zero emissions of greenhouse gases, which are recognized as significant contributors to global climate change, the requirement for additional nuclear power plants is being recognized as a needed component of the US energy future. At present, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission anticipates receiving applications for more than 25 new plants within the next two years.

The minor in Nuclear Engineering provides the engineering student with the understanding of nuclear engineering and its application to many different fields, such as power generation, reactor operation, and industrial uses. Students in the minor will learn the fundamentals of nuclear reactor engineering, radiation interactions and measurement, power plant design concepts, and reactor safety. The minor is open to any student in the Clark School of Engineering.

To successfully complete the minor in nuclear engineering, a student must complete a total of 15 credits (5 3-credit courses). All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher. A maximum of two of the required five courses can be used to satisfy requirements of the student’s major (with approval of the major department).

All students pursuing the minor will be required to take the following four core courses:

  • ENME 430 - Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Engineering
  • ENME 431 - Nuclear Reactor Systems and Safety
  • ENME 432 - Reactor and Radiation Measurements Laboratory or ENME 489T - Nuclear Reactor Design

The fifth course for the minor will be selected, with the help of the student’s minor advisor, based on student interest. Some possible choices include:

  • ENME 488 - Special Problems in Mechanical Engineering
  • ENME 489_ - Special Topics is Mechanical Engineering
    (Student would select an appropriate course from a number of special topics courses taught each semester in the Mechanical Engineering Department)
  • ENRE 447 - Fundamentals of Reliability
  • ENMA 422 - Radiation Effects on Materials
  • ENEE 474 - Power Systems