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Advanced Manufacturing

Advancing innovative technologies for next-generation product manufacturing and materials development.

Core faculty: David Bigio, Hugh BruckSiddhartha DasDon DeVoeAvik DuttMark FugeTeng Li, Patrick McCluskeyRyan Sochol

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Applied Mechanics

Building new foundations for the application of theoretical and computational solid mechanics to engineering technology.

Core faculty: Balakumar BalachandranHugh BruckPeter ChungSiddhartha DasJames DuncanBongtae HanTeng LiPatrick McCluskeyAmir RiazJelena SrebricEleonora Tubaldi

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Biomedical Devices & Systems

Creating devices, technologies, and systems to probe biological processes and improve human health.

Core faculty: Shapour AzarmDon DeVoeJin-Oh HahnKenneth KigerElisabeth SmelaRyan SocholEleonora Tubaldi

Computational Science

Inventing new uses of high-performance computer architectures, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to simulate complex behaviors.

Core faculty: Shapour AzarmMichel CukierHarry DankowiczSiddhartha DasAvik DuttMark FugeSteven GabrielKatrina GrothJohan LarssonTeng LiAmir Riaz, Yunfei Zhao

    Design & Optimization

    Applying original design and optimization methodologies to solve engineering challenges across multiple physical domains and scales.

    Core faculty: Shapour AzarmNikhil ChopraHarry DankowiczHosam FathyAvik DuttMark FugeSteven GabrielCecilia Huertas CerdeiraReinhard RadermacherEleonora Tubaldi, Yunfei Zhao

    Dynamics & Controls

    Discovering ways to analyze and control the behavior of dynamical systems that exhibit complex spatial interactions, time delays, and modeling uncertainty.

    Core faculty: Balakumar BalachandranAmr BazNikhil ChopraHarry DankowiczYancy Diaz-MercadoJames DuncanAvik DuttHosam FathySteven GabrielKatrina GrothJin-Oh HahnCecilia Huertas CerdeiraMiao Yu, Yunfei Zhao

    Electronics Reliability & Sustainability

    Developing international standards for the reliability critical electronic systems at the level of components, packages, systems, and supply chains.

    Core faculty: Damena AgonaferAris ChristouAbhijit DasguptaSteven GabrielBongtae HanTeng LiPatrick McCluskeyMichael OhadiMichael PechtPeter Sandborn

    Energy Generation and Storage

    Developing new materials, devices, and processes for advancing cutting-edge technologies for energy generation, storage, and management.

    Core faculty: Damena AgonaferDavid BigioHosam FathySteven GabrielKatrina Groth, Ashwani GuptaCecilia Huertas CerdeiraJungho KimTeng LiMichael OhadiReinhard RadermacherJelena SrebricBao Yang, Miao Yu, Yunfei Zhao

    Energy for the Built Environment

    Researching sustainable technologies and design methods for improving energy and air quality management within the built environment.

    Core faculty: Jungho KimMichael OhadiReinhard RadermacherJelena SrebricBao Yang

    Fluid Mechanics & Hydrodynamics

    Investigating the kinematics and dynamics of complex fluid flows including the creation of high-fidelity turbulence simulations.

    Core faculty: Balakumar BalachandranSiddhartha DasJames DuncanCecilia Huertas CerdeiraKenneth KigerJohan LarssonAmir Riaz

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    Heat Transfer & Thermal Systems

    Solving problems of thermal management of systems ranging from microelectronics to high-temperature aerospace applications.

    Core faculty: Damena Agonafer, Peter ChungAshwani Gupta, Kenneth KigerJungho Kim, Patrick McCluskeyMichael OhadiReinhard RadermacherJelena SrebricBao Yang

    Recent funding:

    Microsystems, Nanoscale Science, and Quantum Systems

    Exploring the design, fabrication, and application of devices and systems at the smallest of length scales, including the development of quantum technologies.

    Core faculty: Damena AgonaferHugh Bruck, Peter Chung, Siddhartha DasAbhijit DasguptaDon DeVoe, Avik Dutt, Elisabeth Smela, Ryan Sochol, Bao YangMiao Yu

    Recent funding:

    Risk & Reliability

    Integrating computational and experimental approaches to evaluating and managing risk and reliability in complex systems including critical transportation and energy infrastructure.

    Core faculty: Shapour AzarmAris ChristouMichel CukierSteven GabrielKatrina Groth, Bongtae HanPatrick McCluskeyMohammad Modarres, Michael Pecht, Yunfei Zhao.


    Integrating sensing, actuation, and controls to advance robotic systems as well as the underlying component technologies.

    Core faculty: Balakumar BalachandranHugh BruckNikhil ChopraHarry DankowiczDon DeVoeYancy Diaz-MercadoMark FugeCecilia Huertas CerdeiraElisabeth Smela, Ryan SocholEleonora Tubaldi, Miao Yu

    Smart Materials & Structures

    Investigating active materials and their integration into smart structures to achieve combined sensing, actuation, and controls.

    Core faculty: Balakumar BalachandranAmr BazHugh BruckPeter ChungDon DeVoeMichael OhadiElisabeth SmelaTeng LiBao YangMiao Yu

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