Mechanical and reliability engineers are problem solvers, innovators, and global leaders, who turn ideas into reality.

Peter Sandborn, Associate Chair of Academic Affairs

The work of mechanical and reliability engineers is all around you. It shapes innovation in design, manufacture, and safe and reliable operation of a wide range of components, devices, or systems. It encompasses a wide range of fundamental disciplines -- solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, transfer processes, materials engineering, electronic instrumentation and measurements, dynamics and controls, prognostic health monitoring, risk assessment, and failure analysis -- as well as emerging areas such as smart structures, electronic packaging, embedded intelligence, renewable energy, battery technology, additive manufacturing, sustainment of critical systems, autonomy, and micro- and nano-electromechanical systems.

Mechanical and reliability engineers apply their knowledge to engineering problems ranging across many orders of magnitude in dimension, from micro-mechanical surgical systems, through internal combustion engines for Formula One race cars, to giant turbines for renewable energy wind farms. They develop technologies that probe the quantum realm and technologies that support space exploration. They work on techniques to reduce transmission of respiratory disease and to characterize risks associated with the operation of hydrogen fuel stations. They contribute to sustainable practices of agriculture and environmentally responsible management of natural resources. Their work affects the lives of people globally. 

As a student in our department, you have nearly limitless opportunities to pursue your passions as an engineer and scientist. Our undergraduate curriculum combines strong foundations with advanced classes and research projects, while emphasizing attributes such as teamwork, ethics, and leadership.  The program is designed to integrate out-of-classroom experiences, helping students explore career options and apply what they are learning in the real world. Our professional master's programs develop your technical skills further and prepare you for leadership roles across a wide range of industries, including energy and environmental systems, biomedical devices, automotive design, robotics and more.

As a research-oriented graduate student, you build competence at the cutting edge of science and technology. You contribute to theoretical and experimental studies under the guidance of world-class, award-winning faculty, publish your work in premier journals, and compete at the top of your field for national fellowships. You are embedded in an environment deeply committed to interdisciplinary research and encouraged to develop lasting professional bonds with scientists and engineers from across the college and campus. 

I can't wait to see what you will accomplish!

Peter Sandborn
Professor and Associate Chair of Academic Affairs
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers interdisciplinary graduate programs led by expert faculty with connections to leading companies, utilities, and agencies in the greater D.C. area and beyond.

Graduates of our undergraduate program in mechanical engineering possess the skills and the knowledge-base critical for success in today’s marketplace, with the problem solving expertise and flexibility necessary to adapt as technology and society evolve. They are in heavy demand across a wide variety of industries, all impressed with our students' ability to get the job done.

Students can work with faculty on research projects, serve as teaching fellows, pursue leadership opportunities through clubs, and participate in regional, national, and international competitions such as the Formula SAE/Baja SAE teams, human-powered submarines, or the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Study abroad experiences and internship and co-op opportunities are also strongly encouraged.

Our graduate degree programs emphasize advanced study and participation in creative research at the leading edge of the field. Whatever your career goals, our faculty, research capabilities, and strong partnerships can vault you to success.