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1. Pull EZ Hose 2. Beach Boys 3. Feet not Meters

Our project focuses on redesigning a garden hose system to provide support for users with limited physical strength.

Ryan Halli, Zosia Massey, Thanh Pham, Nicholas Portwood, Michael Swetz

We designed a power wheelchair that is specifically adapted to beach environments. We hope to provide greater safety, quality of life, and a sense of independence for elderly and/or disabled people who want to have a beach day.

Austin Turner, Casey Casten, Joel Gonzalez, Paul Nguyen, William Chestnutt

Our project is to design a device capable of performing a foot examination remotely.

Zachary Coogan, Yash Goswami, Aniqa Islam, April Lantz

4. N.A.S.A.L. 5.  Curby 6. Team 6

Design a product that can cool outdoor workers.

David Aderinwale, Omar Asif, Colin Leahy, Mamadou Niang, Demetrius Shepard-Lewis

Wheelchair attachment that allows users to climb curbs.

Rachel Berley, Sean Flynn, Kelly Perez Garcia, Sierra Raspa, Temitope Williams

A retroactive device to prevent hot car deaths among children.

Benjamin Fong, Amy Peshku, Ishaan Sharma, Ryan Vu

7. The Flow-Tastic Five 8. The Fantastic 4D Machine 9. AODS

The Flowto Moto is an all-in-one flowmeter module with audio and visual cues that can be installed in a gas line.

Ian Brady, Bruce Djoko, Akshay Kandakumar, Justin Karira, Giuse Pham

Our product increases the precision and accuracy of small animal MRI scans by automatically adjusting the subject’s position in 4 degrees of motion.

Catherine Cherfan, Sophia Majid, Madeline McGee, Sophia Zell

Develop a gas manifold system that facilitates the transfer of 5-10 odorants from liquid-filled reservoirs to a cell-based sensor and demonstrate the capacity to handle multiple distinct gases, allowing for independent operation or mixing as required.

Justin Bell, Ari Best, Akram Koraym, Maria Abbey Magsakay

10. These Wheels are Made for Walking 11. The Whistleblowers 12. Harmless Armless Convection Invention

An assistive walker that combines all-terrain traversal with height adjustment and portability.

Egor Berezin, James Murbach, George Nickett, Lincoln Vandegriff, Matthew Weiss

An alert system for helping two deaf brothers detect important audio signals during their ice hockey games.

Daniel Berger, Beverly Braswell, Ethan Jach, Archer Skeels, Han Yang

Personal cooling device for construction workers.

Mario Callner-DeRosa, Jason Harriot, Aaron Jeremias, Victor Ley, Neal Tyler

13. Team SAMRI 14. DeBeach Team 15. Poppin' Wheelies

Multi-Degree of Freedom Autonomous Positioning Bed for MRI Subjects.

Scott Flynn, Matthew Kalavritinos, Kilian Morsli, DeJuan Tinsley, Alexander Ward

We are designing a beach access device that implements hand powered maneuverability that utilizes a crank, sprocket, and chain transmission.

Shant Diarbian, Terrence Manzon, Thomas Matte, Mary Kolbe, Rocco Panza, Eric Yang

The design seeks to aid wheelchair users in climbing curbs by providing assistance in lifting the front wheels up and motorizing the rear wheels.

Robert Fladung, Thomas Fischer, Jack Larcome, Meghan McDonough, Jared Weiss

16. Dune Riders 17. Team Frostburg  

We have designed accessories for a standard wheelchair to allow the elderly and physically disabled to access and enjoy the beach.

Michael Mazuc, Asha Gaines, Cornelius Hightower, Chantal Palchak, Nicole Hedspeth

Automated football placement machine for kicking.

Awah Banga, Savannah Grimm, Jackson McGahey, Kambria Rice, Kevin Smith, John Struss