10 ME Graduate Students Receive Irwin Research Award

Ten Mechanical Engineering graduate students have been awarded funding through the George R. Irwin Centennial Research Award to present papers at the Spring Conference of the Society for Experimental Mechanics in Charlotte, NC in June 2003. Funds of up to $2100 will be made available to subsidize the travel expenses of the following students, who will present papers at the conference:

Huiqing Jin (2 papers)

Design and Construction of a Novel Microtensile Tester of NiTi Thin Films

(Student Paper Competition)

Pointwise Digital Image Correlation Using Genetic Algorithms

(Conference Paper)

Shirish Gupta

Characterization of Lead-based Solders used for High Yemperature and High Power Applications

(Student Paper Competition)

Joseph Varghese

Test Methodology for Impact Durability of Portable Electronics

(Student Paper Competition)

Seungmin Cho

Horizontal Impact Testing as Reliable Alternative of Drop Testing

(Conference Paper)

Zhaoyang Wang

Determination of Material Elastic Constants and Residual Stresses Using Moire Hole Drilling Inverse Approach

(Conference Paper)

Changwoon Han

Nano-scale Moire Interferometry With Direct Photoresist Specimen Grating (Conference Paper)

Deborah Pollack

Experimental Validation of Unified Constitutive Model of Eutectic Solder (Conference Paper)

Yuri Lee

Constitutive Relationships of Binary Lead-free Solder: Unified Approach for Pseudo-continuum Properties

(Conference Paper)

Swami Gowrisankaran

Dynamic Mechanical Characterization of Propellants with Energetic Nano-sized Particles

(Conference Paper)

Mitch Gallant

Twin Screw Extrusion Processing of Nanocomposites

(Conference Paper)

This fund was established specifically to assist graduate students with travel funds to present the results of their research in the areas of fracture mechanics or experimental mechanics. George R. Irwin Centennial Research Award Committee Chairman and ME Professor Emeritus R.J. Sanford stated that "The Committee is particularly pleased to be able to support this many students attending a single major engineering society conference. It provides visible proof of the strength of our program here at the University of Maryland in the field of mechanics. Our congratulations go out to all of the students involved and their advisors."

Published May 1, 2003