CALCE-Hanyang University Cooperation Established

In June a cooperative relationship between The Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) and Hanyang University in Korea was officially sanctioned by the Korean Government. The relationship seeks to strengthen both institutions, and will help Korea in analyzing product durability, defect rates and overall customer satisfaction.

The relationship began in February when Dr. Michael Pecht delivered a keynote presentation on ‘Virtual Qualification’ at the International Reliability Conference in Seoul, hosted by the Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT). A televised ceremony to honoring Hanyang-CALCE relations followed, which was front page news in the Korean Herald business section.

Reliability plays a major role in organizations that seek to produce quality products and to reduce production time. To promote reliability means preventing problems from occurring by implementing organized strategies beforehand, rather than waiting for them to arrive and then resolving them accordingly.

The reliability agreement complements a previous cooperative agreement with Maryland and Hanyang University that has existed since 2004. In January Professors Avram Bar-Cohen, Bongtae Han, Don DeVoe and S.K. Gupta made technical presentations on their current and future research activities. A panel discussion followed to establish collaborative research activities between the two institutes.

The Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) is an interdisciplinary research and educational center sponsored by over 50 commercial corporate and government organizations from all sectors of the electronics systems industry. The CALCE team has developed physics-of-failure techniques which enable design-for-reliability, accurate reliability predictions, efficient accelerated test methods and prognostics.

Published July 15, 2006