David Holloway is NSF Outstanding Advisor of the Year

At the FutureTruck 2003 Awards Ceremony held June 12 in Dearborn, Michigan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering David Holloway received the National Science Foundation Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year Award.

Dr. Holloway received this award for his outstanding work in incorporating the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) activities into the classroom and for his significant impact on the engineering education of his students. This award carries a $20,000 fund to be used to enhance the integration of AVTC activities into the undergraduate curriculum for the benefit of the students.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Holloway has selflessly and quietly dedicated himself to improving the educational experience of our students. He has made profound contributions to integrating automotive technology into the curriculum and engaged hundreds of students in real-world projects aimed at advancements in vehicle technology: lower fuel consumption, improved performance, better environmental characteristics and enhanced functionality. He motivates the students and brings the best out of them.

In announcing this award to the University, Clark School of Engineering Dean Nariman Farvardin stated, "Please join me in congratulating Dr. Holloway for this outstanding national recognition and in thanking him for what he has done for the institution over the past 32 years."

Published June 12, 2003