Duncan Named Director of Science, Technology, and Society Program

Professor James Duncan has been named Director of the Science, Technology and Society Program of College Park Scholars, taking the reins from Professor James Wallace, who was the previous director.

The STS Certificate Program offers students an opportunity to expand their understanding of the relationships between science, technology, and society and to augment their general scientific and technological literacy. In essence, the certificate program acts like a college "minor," enabling students to focus some of their CORE course requirements and upper-level electives in areas of particular interest outside their major(s).

The program curriculum consists of a broad range of courses that provide introductory as well as advanced study of the social, political, institutional, historical, and intellectual foundations of scientific and technological society. STS courses have been carefully chosen to fit closely into the CORE and major field requirements of most students. Therefore, almost all College Park undergraduates can fulfill the requirements of the certificate by careful selection of their CORE and elective courses, and without additional burdens.

College Park Scholars is a community of twelve special living-learning programs for academically talented first- and second-year students. Each program focuses on a specific theme and offers specially designed courses and experiences that relate to its theme. Students in College Park Scholars take classes together and live together in selected residence halls. For mor information on the program, visit http://scholars.umd.edu/.

Published September 15, 2002