FAA Announces Student Paper Competition

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of Research and Acquisitions, and the Air Transportation COE Program Office announce a nationwide competition open to all students working on FAA projects through COE partnerships. The purpose of this competition is to engage the next generation of aviation scientists in a dialogue to define the aviation system of the future. The FAA seeks to include the vision of the nation's COE talent pool as they articulate goals and objectives, research agendas, and resource requirements for our aviation system in 2020 and beyond.

The Call for Papers centers around 2 topic areas:

Flight Plan for 2020 and Beyond

Student papers should create a transformational national plan to develop various segments of the nation's air transportation system for 2020 and beyond, an overall strategy, and resources needed to develop and deploy the nation's premier next generation air transportation system. Concepts could consist of a research and development plan outlining the schedule and specific requirements that are the critical blocks for the future of new technology. A national aerospace vision might include specific areas such as: socio-economic demands including safety; efficiency; capacity and noise; goals and objectives; and a roadmap for transition.

Operational Evolution Plan

Student papers should address the transformational technologies required for the air transportation system for 2020 and beyond, an evolution plan for new technological advances to meet long term needs. Concept papers could address: new technologies for navigation, communication, surveillance and air traffic management including surveillance systems monitoring surveillance flight paths at all altitudes; secure and continuously available new communication requirements for voice, data and video connections.

A panel of FAA employees will review submissions and may select more than one entry to recognize. Each student submitting a paper will receive a certificate signed by the FAA Administrator. The winning student(s) will be funded to travel to Washington, DC to meet with FAA officials and provide a briefing to the Assistant Administrator for Research and Acquisitions. The first place award will be $2,500, second place award will be $1,000 and third place, if awarded, will be $500.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, July 1, 2003. Each COE university may enter more than one paper. Students or teams may submit papers on either or both topics. Submissions should not exceed 50 pages per topic, including figures. Submissions should also include an executive summary no longer than 3 pages. In addition to the futures scenarios, the FAA requests that the university complete and forward the attached cover sheet with information on each student submitting a paper, and a brief statement to include the title and nature of the aviation research the student has supported.

All COE Directors and Principal Investigators are asked to take an active role in encouraging students to participate in this competition.

Submissions must be provided electronically in Microsoft Word to patricia.watts@faa.gov by Tuesday, July 1, 2003, in order to ensure adequate time for an FAA selection. [Download form]

Should you have questions, please call Patricia Watts at 609-485-5043 or Dr. Belinda Bender at 202-267-3989.

Published May 15, 2003