Four Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students Selected as Future Faculty Fellows

Four Department of Mechanical Engineering Students have been selected for the 2014 Future Faculty Program.

The students selected were:

  • Saeed Althamer, a graduate student in Mechanics and Materials advised by Minta Martin Professor Amr Baz
  • Paul Anderson, a graduate student in Thermal, Fluid, and Energy Sciences advised by Associate Professor Peter Sunderland
  • Hannes Greve, a graduate student in Electronic Products and Systems advised by Associate Professor Patrick F. McCluskey
  • Ajay Singh, a graduate student in Thermal, Fluid, and Energy Sciences advised by Assistant Professor Michael J. Gollner

"This year we again have a stellar group of students who have qualified for the Future Faculty Program," said Director of Graduate Studies in Mechanical and Reliability Engineering Hugh Bruk. "They have all made significant research contributions in the literature, and have also acquired teaching experiences that made them strong candidates for the program. We are very proud of all of them, and expect them to achieve the same success as the participants that preceded them in the program."

The Future Faculty Program was created in 2007 to increase the number of teachers the Clark School produces by providing students with guidance and support for success in academia. Students enroll in three different one-credit seminars that teach them the skills necessary to become a faculty member, including techniques to engage students, and how to conduct research as a professor.

Through the program, students also obtain hands-on experience by co-teaching a course under the supervision of their faculty advisor. Associate Dean Peter Kofinas, who oversees the program, said that the students gain more from this teaching experience than they would as a teaching assistant. All Future Faculty Fellows will receive $3,000 for travel expenses to present their own research at conferences and to not only network with participants, but to become more confident in presenting research at a professional level.

For more information about the Future Faculty Program, including how to apply, visit the program's website.

Published December 12, 2013