Mack Receives 2024 MCAA Distinguished Service Award

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Michael Mack (right), pictured here with former MCAA President Robert Beck, received the 2024 MCAA Distinguished Service Award during the organization's annual convention in Orlando.

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has selected Michael Mack as winner of the prestigious 2024 MCAA Distinguished Service Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to the mechanical contracting industry.

Mack teaches a special topics course in mechanical contracting (ENME 489V) at the University of Maryland (UMD), bringing to the course his years of industry experience.

“We are thrilled to honor Michael A. Mack with the 2024 MCAA Distinguished Service Award,” said Tim Brink, CEO of MCAA. “His exemplary leadership, dedication to education, and philanthropic endeavors have left an indelible mark on the mechanical contracting industry.”

“We commend Mack for his outstanding contributions and thank him for his unwavering commitment to advancing our field,” Brink said.

Mack’s service to MCAA includes extensive involvement in national committees and activities.. Since 2000, he has been an integral member of the Project Managers Education Committee (IPM), where he has demonstrated his expertise by teaching multiple classes annually. Additionally, Mr. Mack played a crucial role as one of the authors of the revised MCAA Project Manager’s Manual, further solidifying his impact on industry standards and best practices.

Beyond his committee work. Mack has been a featured speaker at various MCAA events, including the Pre-Fabrication session at the 2008 MCAA Convention and subsequent engagements. His dedication to advancing pre-fabrication practices has led him to travel across the country to assist MCAA members in setting up their own pre-fab shops, contributing significantly to the industry#39;s growth and innovation.

Mack is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. In lieu of consulting fees for his speaking engagements, he has requested donations to the Foundation for Fighting Blindness, an organization close to his heart. Mack has chaired an annual fundraiser which has raised over $1,000,000 to support the foundation.

Locally, Mack has held significant positions within the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington (MCAMW). His six-year tenure on the Board of Directors, culminating in his presidency, underscores his dedication to serving the local community.

Additionally, his instrumental role in the formation of CAUSE (Contractors’ Unions Seal of Excellence) highlights his commitment to fostering positive labor-management relationships and promoting industry integrity.

Mack was recognized for his achievements during the 2024 MCAA Annual Convention, held in Orlando Florida.

Published April 16, 2024