Mechanical Engineering Celebrates Graduate Students’ Achievement

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On Thursday, April 29, the Department of Mechanical Engineering Graduate Office hosted an online event celebrating the many achievements and successes of M.S. and Ph.D. students in mechanical and reliability engineering.

“It is truly a testament to your perseverance that you’ve continued to reach these milestones and these accomplishments amid a global pandemic,” said Professor Abhijit Dasgupta, Director of Graduate Studies.


Ruben Acevedo
Outstanding Student Paper Award, IEEE Conference on Micro-electronics Mechanical Systems

Etha Ankit
Outstanding Graduate Assistant (GA) & Clark School Future Faculty Award
Advisor: Siddhartha Das

Dushyant Chaudhari
Departmental 3-Minute Thesis Winner
Advisor: Stanislov Stoliarov

Rishabh Chaudhary
STLE Philadelphia Section Scholarship & IPC Student Member Scholarship

Shao-Peng Chen
Best Teaching Assistant (TA) for a Class Under 100 | ENME 464

Sergio Cofre-Martel
1st Place Graduate Student Winner - 2020 SER2AD
Student Safety Challenge
Advisor: Enrique Lopez Droguette

Camila Julian Correa
Willie M. Webb Reliability Engineering 2020 Summer Fellowship

Abhishek Deshpande
Ph.D. fellowship from IEEE's Electronics Packaging Society (EPS)
Advisor: Abhijit Dasgupta

Weiping Diao
Outstanding Graduate Assistant (GA) & the Anne Wyle Dissertation Fellowship
Advisor: Michael Pecht

Sara Honavar
Inaugural Amazon Lab126 Ph.D. Robotics Fellowship Recipient
Best Teaching Assistant (TA) for a Class Under 100 | ENME444
Advisor: Yancy-Diaz Mercado

Chien-Ming Huang
Best Teaching Assistant (TA) for a Class Under 100, Runner Up | ENME 462
Advisor: Eleanora Tubaldi

MD Turash Haque Pial
Clark School Future Faculty Award

Keshav Rajasekaranv
Best TA - Runner Up - ENME 361
Advisor: Miao Yu

Keshav Rajasekaran
Best Teaching Assistant (TA) for a Class Over 100 | ENME 361

Suraj Ravimanalan
IPC Student Member Scholarship & UMD ISSS Roberta Ma Scholarship

Rishi Roy
Best Teaching Assistant (TA) Runner-Up | ENME 331

Harnoor Singh Sachar
Finalist for the Padden Award
Symposium of the Division of Polymer Physics of the American Physical Society
Advisor: Siddhartha Das

Gyeong Sung Kim
Link Foundation Fellowship, Solar-thermal Desalination PrizeSuraj Ruval
Best Teaching Assistant (TA) for a Class over 100 - ENME350
Advisor: Amr Baz

Ali Tivay
Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant  
Advisor: Jin-Oh Hahn

Chu Xu
Best Student Paper, ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conferecne
Advisor: Hosam Fathy,

Rui Xu
Anne Wylie Dissertation Fellowship
Advisor: Arnaud Trouve

Published April 30, 2021