Mechanical Engineering Launches Nanometrology Core Facility

This semester, the Department of Mechanical Engineering launched the Nanometrology Core Facility. This facility offers faculty and graduate students the opportunity to access equipment in the field of nanotechnology.  The lab, directed by Mechanical Engineering faculty member Dr. Babak Eslami, is shared facility that allows different researchers to use the instruments housed within it.

The Nanometrology Core Facility has a variety of different instruments available for use. These include two Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), NanoRack Sample Stretching Stage and UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, among others that can be found on their website. To use these machines, researchers have to be trained by the lab manager on proper use and care. Then, they will be able to access these technologies at a nominal fee.

This facility expands the department’s ability to conduct research at the micro- and nano-scale. Eslami believes the introduction of this facility will increase undergraduate and graduate student knowledge of nanotechnology. As a shared facility, he also believes it will encourage collaboration within the department.

Next, Department of Mechanical Engineering plans to offer a course, developed by Eslami, based on different metrology techniques from mechanical characterization to micro- and nano-scaled measurement for students. This course will be offered starting 2018-19 academic year.

The Nanometrology Core Facility is located at 2120 Glenn L. Martin Hall. To find out more information and request use of the facility, email Babak Eslami.

Published December 8, 2017