Michael Pecht Brings Attention to Counterfeit Electronics Problem in IEEE Spectrum Article

A May 2006 article featured on IEEE Spectrum Online, written by George E. Dieter Professor of Mechanical Engineering and CALCE EPSC Director Michael Pecht and Sanjay Tiku of Microsoft, highlights the problems associated with the growing global traffic in counterfeit electronics parts. The danger of this practice ranges from having to replace a poorly-made computer part to the potentially life-threatening failure of an airplane's computer system due to the breakdown of inferior counterfeit components.

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By: Michael Pecht and Sanjay Tiku

May 2006 IEEE Spectrum Online.

Electronic manufacturing and consumers confront a rising tide of counterfeit electronics.

Counterfeiting and You.

May 2006 IEEE Spectrum Online Opinion section.

Published May 15, 2006