NAMRI Honors Jay Lee With Outstanding Paper Award

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The North American Manufacturing Research Institution (NAMRI) of SME has selected a paper by UMD Clark Distinguisher Professor Jay Lee as a North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) Outstanding Paper.

Lee will be formally honored with this prestigious recognition at the NAMRI SME Awards Celebration on Thursday, June 15, 2023 at Rutgers University.

The award-winning paper,  “A Blockchain Enabled Cyber-Physical System Architecture For Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems,” presents an alternative to centralized networks and third party trust operations, which suffer from downsides ranging from privacy risks to limited flexibility. Taking a cue from the increased popularity of blockchain in the financial  sector, the paper sets forth a three-layer blockchain structure for use in manufacturing, complete with a set of roles and functionalities for each layer. Utilizing this approach, manufacturing enterprises can make the most of the new Industry 4.0 initiative, which paves the way for cyber-physical systems, cloud manufacturing, and other innovations. "It will impact the development of future manufacturing with great transparency, traceability, and security," Lee said.

The paper was published in Manufacturing Letters, with Moslem Azamfar and Jaskaran Singh as co-authors.

Lee, who joined the UMD mechanical engineering faculty in Fall 2022, heads the UMD-based Industrial AI Center. He is an internationally recognized expert on the use of innovative technologies in industry and manufacturing, including blockchain, smart manufacturing, and digital twins.

Published May 31, 2023