New Association of Energy Engineers Student Chapter at University

"[P]roviding students with opportunities to learn more about the energy industry...."

Omar Abdel-Aziz, Mechanical Engineering Student

During the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) World Energy Congress held in Washington D.C. this past October, the University of Maryland’s student chapter of AEE was officially chartered.

AEE is a nonprofit professional society of 9,500 members in 73 countries. Its mission is “to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for Sustainable Development.” The organization offers seminars (live and internet based), conferences, journals, books, and certification programs. AEE is also connected with the Foundation of the Association of Energy Engineers, which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to furthering education in energy and management. The Foundation has raised and awarded over $480,000 in scholarships to outstanding students.

Throughout the past two years, the University of Maryland’s student chapter of AEE has been very active. A partnership with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) student chapter, allowed AEE to co-host many events that included distinguished speakers in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability. The first President elect for the student chapter, Omar Abdel-Aziz, a resident graduate assistant, was integral in obtaining an official charter for the university's chapter from the AEE organization. This was due to his belief that a student chapter would “provide [students with a depth of knowledge] in energy related sciences, with emphasis on renewable energy and sustainable practices in the energy sector.” According to Abdel-Aziz, among the many benefits of being a member, “providing students with opportunities to learn more about the energy industry and meeting with recruiters associated with AEE” are the most significant. Currently, Abdel-Aziz has stepped down to the position of corresponding member in the organization and Kyle Glusnekemp is the new President elect.

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Submitted by Lauren Frye, Mechanical Engineering Student Reporter

Published December 18, 2008