Professor Ashwani K. Gupta and his student Sean Archer received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Best Paper Award at the 23rd Annual Computers and Information in Engineering conference held in Chicago, Illinois on September 2-6, 2003.

The award was given for their paper entitled "Swirl and Combustion Effects on Flow Dynamics in Lean Direct Injection Gas Turbine Combustion" which was also presented at the conference.

Dr. Ashwani K. Gupta has been a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, College Park since 1983. He spent six years at MIT as a member of the research staff in the Energy Laboratory and Department of Chemical Engineering, and three years at Sheffield University as an independent research worker and research fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology. He has over 30 years of experience in combustion engineering since his graduation from Southampton University in 1970.

Congratulations to Dr. Gupta on this outstanding achievement.

Published November 15, 2003