Professor Reinhard Radermacher Inducted into Clark School of Engineering Innovation Hall of Fame

Professor Reinhard K. Radermacher has been inducted into the A. James Clark School of Engineering's Innovation Hall of Fame. This honor was celebrated at a departmental luncheon and a School of Engineering dinner.

Dr. Radermacher has been inducted into the Innovation Hall of Fame for his innovation in the design of refrigeration systems and technology, making refrigeration systems run more efficiently and more environmentally friendly. He has 20 years of research experience in the areas of absorption and vapor compression heat pumps, alternative refrigerants, and building cooling, heating, and power systems. His work has resulted in three books, more than 100 publications and nine patents. He is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) at the University of Maryland. The Center conducts research in distributed energy conversion systems that meet environmental and economic goals.

Dr. Radermacher received his Ph.D. from the Munich Institute of Technology in Germany and worked for two years under a NATO fellowship at NIST before joining the University of Maryland.

Published May 23, 2001