Spring 2004 Senior Design Award Winners

Two winning teams were announced for the Spring 2004 Senior Design Award. In Professor Henry Haslach’s group, the award was given to a Volley Ball Blocking Apparatus for Spiking Training. Team members were Donald F. Driggers, Morrigan L. Ells, Jessica A. Galie, Brian J. Hardink, Aaron J. Johnson and Brian C. Willner.

The second winners were chosen by Professor Edward Magrab, for the design of a Portable Tailgate Lift. Team members for this design were, Justin Brian Adger, Adam Richard Cascioli, Rami Philippe Helou, Josef Krowitz, David Russell Leighton, and Jonathan Christopher Shumake.

The Senior Design Award is part of the ENME 472 course, Senior Capstone Design. Awards are given on based on presentation, innovation and good design.

Published May 15, 2004