Students Visit Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

On March 15, 2002 Professor Ashwani Gupta and his students from his ENME 489W (Pollution and Waste Technology—Thermal Destruction of Wastes) class visited the Waste Management Baltimore RESCO Waste to Energy Conversion Power Plant located in Baltimore.

The goal of this site visit was to provide students with a first hand experience on the principles and practice followed in solid waste management industry for permanent management of wastes. In the classroom the student learn about the principles of waste destruction and the associated air pollution problems. The site visit gave them an opportunity to see the practice followed in real world.

This RESCO plant handles 2250 tons/day of solid waste using three furnaces and generates a maximum of 60 MW of electric power output. The plant also supplies steam and hot water to downtown Baltimore district. The excess electricity is sold to BG&E.

The individuals in the photo are (from left to right) : Ian Fisher, Sarah Gillespie, David Gilbert, Maximo Aviles, Professor Ashwani K. Gupta, Mike Sihvola, Anita Currano, and Kyung Kim.

Published March 15, 2002