Strategic research themes

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Civil Systems

CEE researchers are advancing methods to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and cost of energy markets, transportation systems, air traffic control management, waterway modernization, and more. 

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Environmental Engineering

The environmental engineerng program focuses on understanding the fate of the organic and inorganic pollutants  found in air, soil, and water and the role microbiogy can and does play in driving those fates. Research in this program is supported by the Environmental Engineering Laboratories. 

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Geotechnical & Pavements

Researchers working in this program are advancing understanding of soil properties and behavhior, earth retaining structures, geomechanics, highway and airfield pavement engineering, materials behavior, foundations, dynamics, earthquate engineering, nondestructive evaluation, and geoenvironmental engineering. 

Project Management

Project management program faculty examine, develop, and apply innovative management and planning strategies with an ehmpasis on the interrelationships of life-cycle components. These and other strategies are the focus of the annual UMD Project Management Symposium. 

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CEE structural engineers use cutting-edge computational and experimental methods to better design and build infrastructure to safely withstand natural and manmade forces. Research efforts feature core structures—buildings and bridges—as well as more complex systems lik power plants, ships, and submarines. Work in this program is supported by the Structural Engineering Lab. 

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This interdisciplinary program boasts leading faculty, strong ties to industry and government agencies, and world-class facilities. Active research topics include smart sities and communities, next generation frieght and logistics systems, connected and automated vehciles, and transportation big data analytics. Researchers in this program are supported by the National Transportation Center and the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology

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Water Resources

CEE's water resources program focuses on the harvesting, cleaning, and protection of water resources—everything from streams to snow melt. Research is led by world-renowned faculty applying advanced engineering and statistical concepts to the modeling of surface and subsurface hydrologic processes. This program is supported by the Maryland Water Resources Research Center. 

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