Nehemiah Emaikwu
UMD is a great research institution, and a great academic institution. The support structures are unparalleled.

The environmental impact of technology is often linked to its efficiency, says UMD doctoral student Nehemiah Emaikwu. It’s a pairing that Emaikwu understands very well, having focused much of his graduate research on the subject.

“I’m looking at two areas—efficiency and emissions reduction—through the lenses of thermodynamics and heat transfer, particularly in the context of heating and cooling systems for large appliances and large buildings,” says Emaikwu, whose research activities have been based at the Center for Environmental Energy and Engineering, part of the University of Maryland’s (UMD) Department of Mechanical Engineering.

His research proposal approved, Emaikwu is now beginning work on his Ph.D. dissertation—the crowning endeavor in an academic career at UMD that began eight years ago as an undergraduate.

It’s been a long journey, he says—one that started with an early childhood in Nigeria, followed by a move to Prince George’s County, Maryland. Living just down the road from UMD, he naturally became familiar with the university. Friends and acquaintances who went there shared their experiences. As a high school senior, Emaikwu thought long and carefully about where to attend college. He chose UMD.

“I liked how close it was to my community,” he said. “At the same time I liked the fact that when I stepped on campus, it was a completely different place. It gave me a lot of things that I was looking for.”

Since his undergraduate days, Emaikwu has not only been a proud Terp but has actively worked to get the word out to others—including by serving as a Student Ambassador. He says he relishes the opportunity to inform others about the quality of the education they’ll receive at UMD, and the resources available to them.

“UMD is a great research institution, and a great academic institution,” he said. “The support structures are unparalleled—not only in term of financial support, but also community support. I know I can go to many different individuals throughout the campus if I have questions or concerns, any kinds of challenges.”

“At every stage, I’ve felt there are people I can reach out to know that they’ll provide the support that I need,” he said.