Credits: 3


Restriction: Permission of ENGR-Mechanical Engineering department.
Credit only granted for: ENME433 or ENME489T.
Formerly: ENME489T.
Principles of nuclear reactor engineering including nuclear reactor system design, materials, thermal-hydraulics, shielding, mechanical design, and safety analysis.

Semesters Offered

Spring 2023, Spring 2024

Topics Covered

ENME 433 presents the principles of nuclear reactor engineering and design including:

  • Types and functional requirements
  • Thermal hydraulics (review of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, single-phase and two-phase heat transfer, reactor core temperature distribution, fuel element analysis, boiling crisis)
  • Materials (fuels, moderators, coolants, cladding and structural materials)
  • Mechanical design (Stresses, strains, nil ductility and effects of heat up and cooldown)
  • Radiation Exposure, Absorbed Dose and Biological effects of radiation
  • Safety analysis:
    • Types of accidents that must be considered during nuclear reactor design
    • Nuclear reactor accident consequence analysis
      • Estimation of dose rates in a nuclear reactor design basis accident
      • Shielding for protection against ionizing radiation
      • Dispersion of effluents

Additional Course Information


Massoud, Mahmoud


Recommended:  Todreas, Neil. E., Kazimi, Mujid S., and Massoud, Mahmoud, "Nuclear Systems," Vol. 2, Second Edition, CRC Press, 2022.

Class/Laboratory Schedule 

Two 75 minutes lectures per week