Credits: 3

Semesters Offered

Spring 2018, Spring 2022

Learning Objectives

Students will gain some familiarity and understanding of computational fluid dynamics. They will acquire the ability to successfully develop computer codes for simulating fluid flow.

Topics Covered

  • Gridfree vortex methods
  • Matlab programming
  • Simulation of an elliptically loaded wing
  • Finite difference equations    
  • Explicit schemes    
  • Implicit schemes
  • Applications to channel flow and two-dimensional heat conduction/convection  
  • Thomas algorithm
  • Fast-direct schemes for the Poisson equation
  • Two-dimensional fluid flow via vorticity/streamfunction
  • Simulation of flow into and out of a room
  • Basic theory of CFD
  • Monte-Carlo models of diffusion applied to the room flow


Additional Course Information


Bernard, Peter


None required. MATLAB diaries and codes placed on ELMS.

Class/Laboratory Schedule 

  • Two 75 minute lectures per week
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