Dr. Shapour Azarm has been elevated to the status of Fellow within the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The ASME Fellow Grade recognizes significant engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession. The A.J. Clark School of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering congratulates Dr. Azarm on this outstanding and prestigious development.

ASME recognizes Dr. Azarm as a leading researcher and practitioner of design optimization and for his significant contributions to multicriteria, multidisciplinary decision making for design of complex mechanical systems.

His work includes the use of mathematical programming and genetic algorithms, formulation of metrics for quality assessment of multiobjective solution sets, and combination of engineering design optimization with customer preferences in the design of single products and product lines. He has worked with several manufacturers helping them successfully implement design optimization in their product development processes, thereby improving the quality and cost structure of new products.

Published February 15, 2004